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Starting is easy and fun

Why should your media sleep in shoe boxes or in the data storages? Adding them to Timegarden can give them the admiration and value they deserve, and help tell Stories of well know subjects in the process. Timegarden is very easy to use and we have a hunch you will love it.

Let others know

Do not keep it for yourself. Share your Story with others or ask them to help you grow it. You will be surprised how much people care.

Every story is related to something else

Your Story or its particular content can be linked with other stories. All involved users will be notified and asked to give a helping hand. The collaboration is made simple and fun and the results can be fascinating.

Spread the word

Your Story will never be washed away by Stories of the new day like on other social networks. It automatically becomes part of Timegarden’s single and growing story network. Each Story is an important puzzle piece to fill up the blanks of human history, the present and future of our existence.

Explore Timegarden

You can simply follow the links between Stories deeper and deeper. Let yourself be taken aback by the endless flow of Stories. You can also search Timegarden directly by subject of your interest or by hashtags and you can explore new Stories by their editor’s names.


If you want your Story to spread the word, it MUST be public and visible to wide audience. You can also make your private Stories visible to a small group of authorized Timegarden users or keep it exclusively to yourself.


Timegarden is full of interesting collaborative stories. Ask others for help with your Story – or find Stories you think you can help grow. It’s that simple.
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